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Gimmick Studio

They're Gimmick Studio, based in Montreal, and they're your go-to for top-notch motion design. Mixing creativity with efficiency, they work their magic in a chill and laid-back setting. With a solution-oriented mindset, they've built a solid reputation over the years for consistently delivering killer projects.

Here a sneak-pick of their work:

Never Sit Still

Meet Never Sit Still Studio, the go-to experts in motion design for brands. From global players to startups, they effortlessly adapt to existing brand strategies or craft new ones from scratch. Fluent in both visual and verbal identity systems, they possess a unique skill for transforming static concepts into dynamic and captivating moving images. Beyond their core strength in motion design, their diverse skill set tackles a spectrum of creative challenges – from mesmerizing title sequences and dynamic brand identities to innovative 3D billboards and compelling advertising campaigns. If it moves on screen, Never Sit Still brings it to life with their unparalleled expertise

Here a sneak-pick of their work:

Noodle Animation

They're a Motion Design Studio with a team of enthusiastic creators who are also pretty friendly. Their thing is creating visual stories that stick with people, step by step. They're all about Design, Animation, and turning cool ideas into reality. They get excited about every little detail, whether it's big, small, or just right.

Here a sneak-pick of their work:


They're a worldwide studio that creates cool motion stuff like logos, systems, and apps for big brands. Originally from Toronto, they've grown into a global design studio. At Vucko, they change how both new and big brands look on today's media. Their team really loves motion. It's not just a job for them; they live it, breathe it, and totally get how it captures the essence of your brand. By bringing together their love for brand strategy, design, and motion, they turn brands into awesome experiences in the digital world. They don't just stop at animation; they build on brand platforms with motion logos, systems, and apps, creating complete brand worlds.

Their mission is to change how brands show up on today's media

Here a sneak-pick of their work:

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