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Bitstack is a mobile app helping people to save in Bitcoin effortlessly.



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In February 2022, I joined Alexandre Roubaud and Kabir Sethi (co-founders of Bitstack) as multidisciplinary designer, with the mission of designing an intuitive product to democratize Bitcoin in France and Europe.


2022 - 2024


Product & Brand Designer
Founding Designer


Finance - web3


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Companies Milestones

Within 2 years, we have achieved ambitious goals, supported by a cohesive and talented team. We work hard everyday, at the service of our users, to develop the company and improve our product.

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Let’s speak

about the product

Giving a reason to open an account and stay in an app - easier said than done. This is the biggest challenge a product designer has to deal with in a product-focused company. All performance measurements are linked with those elements: activation and retention. Iterating, talking to user, shipping fast and maintaining a good rhythm are the key to bring a product to his best performance.

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Creating easy features driving business strategy
The app's success is mainly based on the simple and intuitive UX that enable users to buy Bitcoin easily. We also released effortless saving features like automatic rounding and recurring.

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and retention

As the most important metrics, almost every sprint is designed to improve activation and retention.
Onboarding is where new user are welcomed, where they get their first impressions and decide to continue or not with the crucial registration process. We spent energy and resources finding the right balance between product needs and compliance requirements. For retention, we worked on amazing gamification and commitment features. Product marketing is a powerful lever for achieving this goal.

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Build fast,

ship fast

As I'm the only designer in the team and I'm managing +500 screens, I set up a simple design system allowing me to create and iterate quickly. This is how I can improve our productivity. Consistency and documentation could be improved, but the most important thing I consider at this stage, is to iterate a lot, ship fast and create easy to use components for everyone.

A new ambition for

the near future

Bitstack is an ambitious start-up. We are building a new type of neobank that helps people saving, investing and managing money, with new money. We are using the best technologies to reach that aim. The Bitstack card is the cornerstone to build a solid neobank, profitable and useful for people. 2024 will be an incredible year for Bitstack.

Bitstack Card

I did so much more to bring Bitstack where it stands. I cannot write everything here but don't hesitate to reach me out if you want to see more.

Graphic Design
Content for Social Networks
Product Management
Brand Management
Motion Design
Quality Assurance
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